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3 Fun Holiday Video Ideas

Make your holiday videos more meaningful, authentic, and personal with these ideas. Read on for more ideas and information!

Holiday videos are one of the rare occasions when marketers and salespeople put their product-pushing agendas aside and focus on just making a truly great video. Plus, holiday videos should showcase your company's true essence — whether that's family-friendly, laugh-out-loud funny, or even controversial.

If the notion of creating the ideal holiday video is spoiling your holiday spirit, take a deep breath. We've compiled a list of holiday video ideas that are inspiring. Indeed, you should save this article and revisit it annually.

From large-scale corporate commercials to personal email video greetings, the holidays are an excellent opportunity to express gratitude to customers and clients and a terrific way to use your storytelling muscles to generate delight alongside brand awareness.

So crank up the holiday music and grab a box of Kleenex, for things are about to get merry and bright in here.


The Best Holiday Video Ideas

Let us begin with the blue sky concepts: Large corporations, large budgets, and large production values. Corporate successful holiday videos can be as clever, witty, and unforgettable as your favorite holiday movie. The trick is to prioritize brand awareness and comprehensive entertainment value. Whether you're a large brand or aspire to their level of coziness and warmth, there's something for you here.

1. “Chimney” by Coca-Cola

Surprisingly, this commercial incorporates the popular Mary Poppins tune, Chim Chim Cher-ee. This heartwarming Coca-Cola Christmas focuses on the importance of community spirit, and guess what? The campaign begins with a young boy who is depressed about living in an apartment building without a chimney. He quickly rallies his neighbors to construct a cardboard chimney to ensure everyone has a taste of the season! Bear in mind that a lovely Christmas is enjoyed with our family and community.

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2. “Assemble Together” by Ikea

Ikea commercials are consistently spot-on, and the holiday specials are no exception. This masterpiece begins with a visit to a typical South-Asian-Canadian household. It appears as though a family of many generations is "Assembling Together," as Ikea meant. The twist is that it is not accompanied by a standard Christmas soundtrack. Rather than that, you'll find the world-famous Bollywood song "Chaiyya Chaiyya." Ikea wanted to convey the message that all families build and cherish their own traditions.

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3. “Kindness, the Greatest Gift” by Amazon

We are all aware of the pandemic's challenges, and many of us, particularly young adults, have felt its impact. Amazon's latest advertisement depicts an act of kindness and provides insight into a post-pandemic world. It chronicles the struggles of a young individual coping with post-pandemic anxiety. Re-entering a social context after months apart, whether attending courses or simply gathering with friends, can be tough. A kind neighbor observes her challenges with reintegration into society and reaches out to her with gentle gestures, establishing a new bond.

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We've now seen how professionals create amazing holiday videos. However, if you're not in the business that requires million-dollar TV commercials, there is another way to impress audiences while increasing overall engagement, and it all comes down to personalization.

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