5 Video Marketing Strategies for Insurance Companies

Videos are crucial to the performance and success of an insurance marketing strategy. They are an excellent tool for insurance companies to communicate and maintain relationships with their clients.

What was once a face-to-face industry has shifted online. Did you know that 51% of marketers that use videos in their digital marketing efforts see revenue growth 49% faster than those who do not use videos? So any insurance company that adopts video marketing will most definitely experience extraordinary growth.

Video Marketing Strategies for Insurance Companies

Below is a list of the seven top video marketing strategies and ideas for insurance companies.

1. Incorporate Social Video Marketing

Social video marketing is essential for every business that wishes to communicate more effectively with its clients. According to mobile usage statistics, your target clients spend an average of 3 hours and 54 minutes every day on their mobile phones. If you have a social media account, you are well aware of the importance of videos and likely spend hours each day watching videos while navigating through your social media accounts. This is the place where your audience gathers, and this is the place where you can get their attention.

If you want to ensure that your clients remember your messages, video is the way to go. Whether it's elucidating challenging insurance ideas or promoting the cost-effectiveness of your policies, video marketing is vital for removing insurance stigmas and enabling you to develop an emotional connection with your audience.

2. Create a Video That Stands Out

Obviously, you are not the first company to consider video marketing for your insurance offerings, and you will not be the last. That's why it is crucial for you as an insurance agency to differentiate yourself through video marketing to generate more insurance leads. With excellent lighting, original content, and unparalleled camera resolution, your videos must be compelling enough to hold your audience's attention for no more than three seconds. While three seconds may seem like a small amount of time, numerous marketing agencies have demonstrated their ability to be creative even with shorter time constraints.

3. Be Authentic

From client testimonials to the information you publish, everything in your videos must be 100% authentic. This will increase your digital reach and help you establish a reputation as a reliable insurance marketing agency. Through your videos, expressing passion, integrity, and confidence will ensure authenticity and, ultimately, growth.

Plus, if you are honest in your video marketing, you can convey sincerity that can captivate your target audience.

4. Try Screencasting

Several insurance agencies make the error of attempting to promote a particular product via their video. While focusing on a single product will provide you with the space and time necessary to successfully explain it, you do not have to completely disregard the other products. Try  to bring in as many products as possible.

Also, you can do tutorial screencasting to demonstrate your adaptability and inventiveness. Tutorial screencasting is an excellent strategy for insurance video marketing since insurance is still new to the digital world. Among the many barriers that your clients must overcome is browsing your website, app, or other online platforms. Screencasting a tutorial video will enable you to assist your audience.

5. Include Behind-The-Scenes Video

Unfortunately, the insurance industry is seen negatively. So, you can demonstrate to your audience how you are assisting people in living better and safer lives by showing them where you came from and how you operate. By including entertaining and brief behind-the-scenes videos of your staff having fun or going on vacation can significantly enhance the value of your insurance video marketing.

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The Bottom Line

Videos are crucial to the performance and success of an insurance marketing strategy. They are an excellent tool for insurance companies to communicate and maintain relationships with their clients.

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