Email Marketing with Videos Increase CTR by 300%

Video email marketing is a set of strategies that utilize static images with a play button, GIFs, HTML5 videos, and animated videos, among others, to increase subscriber engagement via email.

Email Marketing with Videos Increase CTR by 300%

According to HubSpot, 96% report that their video consumption has increased during the pandemic. According to the same research, 9 out of 10 people would like to see videos from multiple brands and businesses. There is no better time than now to invest in video marketing. Utilize videos in your email marketing to reap the full benefits of this medium.

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Video Email Marketing In A Nutshell

Video email marketing is a set of strategies that utilize static images with a play button, GIFs, HTML5 videos, and animated videos, among others, to increase subscriber engagement via email.

People are more likely to pay attention to videos than they are to images. Therefore, videos are an ideal complement to your marketing emails. It not only increases click-through rates but also helps your brand go viral.

Ways to Use Video in Email Marketing

The role of a marketer is to ensure that your brand's emails stand out. Including videos in your emails increases conversions, brand awareness, click-through rates, and open rates, among other metrics. Videos can be as sophisticated or as straightforward as you like. Everything is dependent upon how you use the videos in email marketing.

1. Encourage Your Sales Team to Use Videos

Additionally, videos in email marketing can benefit your sales team significantly. Video is the most widely used form of media for content marketing, easily surpassing blogs, infographics, and others. According to Campaign Monitor, videos have been shown to increase open rates by 19%, click rates by 65%, and unsubscribe rates by 26%.

2. Ensure Your Video Is Appropriate for the Channel

Before you begin filming, consider how the video will be used and who will watch it. With this information in hand, you should determine the technical adjustments necessary to ensure that your final videos fit the channel. Not only large screens but also small screens must be considered. Additionally, you must consider the various types of devices that will be used to consume the video.

3. Optimize Your Videos for Email Distribution

If you want to include an HTML5 video in an email, there are several ways to optimize your videos for email. Reduce the video's file size, have videos only when necessary, and consider other options such as animated GIFs, static images with play buttons, animated play buttons, and cinemagraphs.

4. Try to Include Animated GIFs

As previously stated, if you do not wish to include lengthy videos, you can substitute an animated GIF. While these are small and simple to create, the best part is that all email clients support GIFs.

GIFs can also be perceived as being a little casual; if you run a serious business and want your customers to perceive you as such, you should avoid using GIFs in your marketing emails. Otherwise, they're an excellent complement to email marketing campaigns.

5. Appeal to the Emotional Side of Your Audience

Videos are an excellent way to elicit a range of emotions in the minds of your potential customers. While words can motivate people to act, imagine the impact that videos can have because they appeal to most of your senses. You can become a huge star with the help of videos, possibly with just one. You can appeal to your audience's emotions and convince them to like you as a brand.

Must-try Video Email Marketing Strategies

If you blindly include videos in every email you send to your subscribers, it's obvious that you're going to look bad. Your video email marketing strategy must be well-planned, and each action must be noteworthy. Bear in mind that the primary objective should be the customer. Your video email marketing strategy will attract the appropriate resources if each step is guided by the customer.

Consider the following tips below when developing an effective video email marketing strategy:

  • Openly acknowledge your audience
  • Prepare for your campaign
  • Confirm that your messaging remains consistent with your brand
  • Create many videos (FAQ videos, how-to, tutorial videos, understanding the basics, etc.)
  • Utilize video emails to promote your event
  • Enhance your sales communications with personalized video emails
  • Distribute video testimonials to your prospects
  • With videos, announce new product lines or launches
  • Include videos in your newsletters
  • Continue to track the campaign's success

What Types of Emails Can You Include Videos In?

There are a wide range of emails you can use your videos with. Certain videos are only shared in certain circumstances, and this is determined by the type of emails sent to your audience. Consider these types of emails that you can use to send your videos with.

1. Triggered Emails

Also known as behavioral or transactional emails, these are the emails that are sent automatically as a result of certain behaviors and actions. For instance, once a customer has completed the onboarding process, you can send them video emails demonstrating how to to use the product to its full potential. Marketers absolutely love them because they can send automated messages to users and are extremely successful due to their timely and relevant nature.

2. Nurture Emails

It is a series of emails sent to leads at various stages of the sales cycle. The purpose of nurturing emails is to guide the lead through each stage of the purchasing process in order to convert them into a paying customer. This method involves sending a prospect a series of informational emails about a certain product. They will progress deeper into the sales funnel with each data they consume (both email and video). A nurtured lead is more likely to become a customer than a lead who has just downloaded a lead magnet or is visiting your website for the first time.

3. Newsletters

A newsletter includes information or news about a company's activities. Newsletters provide direct contact with potential customers. It enables you to share interesting and engaging content that will help you increase sales and conversions.

4. Event Invites and Follow-ups

You can send event invitations via email in the form of videos. Would you like people to learn about your invitation without having to click on a CTA button? Include video in your emails. Within the same space, you can share information about the event to pique the interest of your target audience.

5. Email Blasts

Also known as an email broadcast, an email blast is an email sent to a large group of prospects at the same time. The purpose of email blasts is to engage your audience, keep them inspired, and motivate them to take the desired action. Ensure that your videos are positioned correctly and that the design is concise and focused.

6. Targeted Emails

A targeted email is typically a customized message sent to a relatively small group on your mailing list. These emails are highly customized to ensure that the messaging is appropriate for each recipient. By implementing targeted email marketing, you can increase your return on investment, conversions, and profits.

The Bottomline

There is no doubt about videos' effectiveness in email marketing. They provide innumerable benefits, and the buzz surrounding video email marketing is here to stay. Videos enable you to be both engaging and entertaining, and more importantly, to provide numerous reasons for your prospective target market to become more engaged with your brand. Contact Everpost today to assist you in achieving your objectives and reaping all of the marketing benefits.

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