Using Sales Videos to Crush Quotas

Sales videos help sales teams around the country crush quotas, and with the right strategy in place, they can do the same for you.

It's easy to see why people are more honest, pleasant, and willing to do business with a salesperson when they meet them face to face because looking someone in the eye instills a natural sense of trust. However, in today's world of virtual sales and remote employment, the opportunity to see a prospect in person is limited. What's the solution being rapidly adopted by the most innovative sales teams? You guessed it: sales videos.

Videos are no longer reserved for product demos. Today, they're being used by over 30% of the Fortune 1000 at each level of the sales cycle, from outreach to closed-won and handed over.

Benefits of Sales Videos

People's attention is seized when they see videos. Almost everyone feels forced to hit a play button when they see one, which provides you the ability to convince people to watch your video even if they don’t read what you wrote. There are five compelling reasons to incorporate video into your cycling sessions.

Sales videos:

  1. Make people act. After viewing a product video, consumers are 85% more inclined to purchase the products.
  2. Establish relationships from afar. Video creates the illusion that people know you, which increases their emotional commitment and responsiveness.
  3. Simple explanations of complicated subjects. Video enables you to demonstrate, rather than simply tell, and to explain more thoroughly.
  4. Stay in the mind. People recall 80% of what they see, 10% of what they hear, and 20% of what they read.
  5. Deal cycles will be accelerated. With video, several businesses have reduced their deal cycles.

Sales Videos Best Practices

It’s beneficial to listen to those who are experts in the field since minor changes can make a significant difference in how appealing your videos are. Consider the following:

  • Lighting: When possible, face a window with natural light.
  • Sound: Record using the microphone on your headphones in quiet areas.
  • Location: Aim for a professional appearance that is clean and unobtrusive to your messaging. Because many now work from home, this implies that many employees are conducting sales calls from their homes, which is perfectly fine! Just make sure that everyone in the house is aware that you’re recording.
Everpost behind the scenes

Above all, make an effort to be engaging — that process begins with your message. No amount of video editing can disguise a message that feels unimportant. Customize your:

  • Video Thumbnail: Does the thumbnail for your video entice viewers to click? Consider incorporating motion into a GIF.
  • Message: Why you? Why them? Why are we doing this now? What is the advantage? Begin by clearing why they, in particular, should care, and then describe how your solution works. But don’t give everything away. The objective is just to pique their curiosity sufficiently to earn their reply.

Why Every Sales Team Needs a Sales Video Strategy

Video is most effective when used by the entire sales team, which contributes to a beneficial cycle of exploration, feedback, and sharing.

Does your new SDR that sending late-night videos to chief legal officers produces excellent results? Everyone should give it a try. Does your account executive know that concluding with a cliffhanger generates additional interest? Establish it as a best practice.

Analytics are a tremendous asset. Reps are not always aware of whether the outcomes they’re achieving are positive or negative, and a sales leader with access to the full team's performance metrics can uncover surprising opportunities.

For example, if a salesperson who usually just reaches about 20% of his quota closes an unusually high amount of deals via video, this is worth noting. They should share their information with the rest of the team.

The Takeaway

Sales videos are helping teams around the country crush their quotas, and with the right strategy in place, they can do the same for you. When prospects respond with comments like "Wow, I've never seen that before" and "Honestly, this is the most clever sales outreach I've ever seen," most clever sales outreach.

And that is how you develop a video-first sales culture that routinely outperforms quarterly quotas. Interested in learning more about how sales videos can transform your sales process? Download our Guide to Selling More with Sales Videos here.

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