Facebook and Instagram Video Ads to Help Schools Attract & Engage Applicants

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most effective advertising platforms available to educators. Education as an industry is one of the best performers in terms of Facebook and Instagram ad performance.

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most effective advertising platforms available to educators. Education as an industry is one of the best performers in terms of Facebook and Instagram ad performance. This is obvious when checking Facebook's advertising benchmarks, which show that Education has the lowest average cost-per-action (CPA) of $7.85 and the second-highest conversion rate of 13.8% — both of which are much higher than platform-wide statistics.

These good performance figures are largely the result of Education's target audience being predominantly digitally savvy and heavy users of both platforms. In the United States, 79% and 67% of 18-29-year-olds, respectively, use Facebook and Instagram. These platforms are essential to this demographic's daily life: they are where people communicate, get entertained, read content, and conduct research.

As a result, Facebook and Instagram have become incredibly effective advertising tools for educational institutions seeking to engage prospective students, subscribers, and customers.

Whether you're in higher education, learning applications, or an online EDU, the path to Facebook and Instagram ad success involves the same critical component: high-quality and creativity — video.

1. Focus on Flexibility

Focus on flexibility

Try to emphasize the flexibility you can provide your students — whether you’re offering both on-campus and online courses and such. Emphasize this idea across the ad with relevant images and a key "on your schedule" message that communicates directly to adults balancing job, life, and school. With this campaign objective, you can increase click-through rates. Plus, the ad contains a clear message with a compelling call to action.

2. Promote Upskilling Courses

If you are an eLearning provider and offer video classes in a range of different subjects, it is just the right time to promote that. To highlight a few of your courses, collaborate with a capable video production company like Everpost. Let us create an excellent video ad promoting the upskilling courses you offer both for beginners and professionals. Once all the courses are promoted, move on to a CTA frame linked to each course's registration website.

3. Showcase Career Potential

Showcase career potential

To reach audiences seeking to progress their professional careers, create a video ad that directly targets them. You may also include a tagline like "pump up your career" and include motivational images to engage them. With the overarching goal of increasing click-throughs and registrations, the ad will be designed with straightforward messaging and positive visuals demonstrating the course in action.

4. Drive Conversions Through Interaction

Everpost in action

Try to engage your audience on a deeper level with the inclusion of interaction in your digital strategy. By immersing audiences in a first-person experience, you may create significantly more engaged and, consequently, higher-quality leads.

5. Display Diversity and Lifestyle

According to research, up to 83% of prospective international students utilize social media to assess universities. As a result, colleges and universities seeking to attract international students can leverage social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to highlight their greatest features, such as student life and their welcoming demeanor toward international students.

You may feature stories from international students from all over the world who shared their experiences as your students. The advertisement will depict views from the city while also emphasizing the school's significant international presence.

The Bottomline

Facebook and Instagram Video Ads

When you take advantage of video ad placements on Facebook and Instagram, you can deliver your message much more effectively. Facebook and Instagram are fantastic platforms for reaching key demographics and achieving higher levels of campaign performance due to their ability to exhibit a condensed narrative to a large, engaged user base.

Regardless of how difficult the path ahead may be, Everpost's grasp of understanding your objectives — combined with our skill in producing compelling video ads — helps us assist you in earning that A+.

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