5 Videos Every Fitness Business Needs

Video gives your brand a market edge because it is the preferred method of consuming online content

When it comes to online fitness brand growth, video is critical. Sharing your story through video is a simple, effective way to increase brand awareness, attract new clients, and retain existing ones. Video gives your brand a market edge because it is the preferred method of consuming online content.

Here are five different types of videos that will assist you in marketing your fitness business:

1. Company Overview

Perspective into your company values can help potential clients become familiar with your brand and help you differentiate yourself from the competition. At the same time, connecting your values with current clients allows build community and encourages repeat sales. A summary video is an engaging way to communicate what makes your business unique. Additionally, you can easily create this type of video using existing photographs and videos of your business.

2. Customer Testimonial

Customers who rave about your business can help put you on the map. Indeed, a survey conducted by the Better Business Bureau and Nielsen discovered that more than half of respondents make purchase decisions based on ratings and online reviews. So utilizing customer feedback is a simple way to create video content that promotes your business's trust.

For instance, this customer testimonial video from Hot Yoga Pasadena showcases the facility and current clients while sharing quotes from satisfied customers. By sharing this video on their Facebook and Instagram pages, the yoga studio increased their online and in-person credibility. Are you missing footage from your facility? To capture your audience's attention, combine before and after images of your clients with their message.

3. List of Fitness Tips

Fitness tip videos enable you to demonstrate your expertise without explicitly marketing your facility or services. A social video that shows health and fitness tips is a simple way to reach out to people through content they care about. And that connection is critical because 64% of users are more likely to make a purchase following a video viewing experience. Rather than interfering with your audience's social browsing experience with a sales pitch, a tips video educates and empowers viewers while also establishing a positive relationship with your brand.


4. Promo Video

Audiences find video more compelling than text or images alone, according to studies. When the strength of video content is combined with the ability to target a specific audience on social media platforms, a powerful combination occurs. Essentially, social video enables a more targeted approach to promoting sales and offers that results in tangible results for gyms, shops, and trainers. That said, use targeting and a specific call to action in your promo video to ensure that the right audience sees your offer.

5. How-to Video

When a potential client visits your fitness business's social media page, they are most likely determining whether your fitness business is a good fit for them. Make the right first impression with an informative video that benefits your customers and provides a genuine look at your brand to prospective clients. A customized how-to video enables clients to experience your facility's ambience, classes, and instructors without ever having to step foot inside.

Check out Jabari Beaton of Unbeaton Bodies shared this Instagram video ad to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at his training routine and brand.

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