Real Estate Video Marketing to Sell 3x More Properties

Did you know that real estate video marketing can help you clearly distinguish yourself from other realtors, build relationships with potential house sellers and buyers, and eventually sell more homes?

Real Estate Video Marketing to Sell 3x More Properties

Did you know that real estate video marketing can help you clearly distinguish yourself from other realtors, build relationships with potential house sellers and buyers, and eventually sell more homes?

As anyone who has ever visited a "spacious two bedroom" in New York City and discovered it was nothing more than a shoebox knows that real estate photographs are not always accurate. Plus, customers and buyers are well aware of this. Photographs alone cannot represent the actual quality of light, neighborhood atmosphere, or character. If your property has all of those advantages, you should flaunt them — you should use a real estate video.

In the same way that photography and the internet accelerated the growth of MLS networks in the 1980s, video is revolutionizing the real estate industry today. It enables brokers, realtors, and agents to showcase — not tell — and establish a connection halfway around the world. This is reflected in commercial as well as residential sales. Half of all brokers report that video marketing for real estate is a significant part of their approach.

Ways to Make a Real Estate Video that Sells

1. Utilize the Appropriate Equipment

With smartphone and videography tools that automatically change your placement and lighting, you can accomplish an astonishing amount of real estate video marketing.

However, for high-definition real estate photography and videography, a DSLR camera or mirrorless equivalent is required.

2. Commit Lots of Time for Pre-Production

According to video producer Mat King, you should spend around 50% of your time preparing, 20% filming, and 30% editing.

The more time you spend planning — staging the room, setting the lighting, testing the mics, and considering distribution — the more quickly the rest of the process will go.

Everpost pre-production

3. Compose a Script But Do Not Just Stick to It

The purpose of recording real estate videos is primarily to showcase your personality. While you should write a script and be familiar with the topic, explain things spontaneously and in your own terms before recording.

4. Dress Appropriately for the Audience

Dress in a way that will help you connect with your audience. For those who are not accustomed to wearing suits, an agent dressed too smartly can be alienating. Additionally, for professionals who dress only in suits, an agent dressed in plaid shorts and flip-flops may appear unprofessional.

5. Integrate Subtle Background Music

Music that is overly loud or has a high beat can take your attention away from what is going on. Select background music that subtly reinforces your message — that the property is enjoyable, serene, welcoming, unusual, or exquisite.

Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas

1. Social Media Videos

Spread the word about real estate by publishing videos on social media — either to attract potential clients who are just starting their search or to sell a property.

Despite the uproar about the decline in organic social media reach, most social algorithms highly favor video.

Social media video ideas for real estate:

  • Videos highlighting recently sold properties
  • Videos showcasing available properties.
  • Brief video testimonials
  • Posts about a day in the life
  • Rapid-fire videos that display an agent's personality or ability

2. Video Testimonials from Customers

Allow your satisfied customers to do the talking for you with customer testimonial videos. Make a habit of requesting brief interviews at key moments in their purchasing journey — during the offer, at the closing, and six months later.

These videos do not have to be professionally produced. With a smartphone and a lavalier microphone, you can accomplish a great deal. Store all of these videos in a folder and, when you have time for marketing, combine them into a series of testimonials centered on topics such as purchasing or selling.

Questions you can ask:

  • How are you currently feeling?
  • After a month, what did you think?
  • What does this imply to you personally?
  • Can you refer a friend to me? Why?

3. Video Tours of Neighborhoods

While photographs of a commercial property taken at high noon on a Sunday provide clear images, they can also give the neighborhood the appearance of being abandoned. Capture the activity of the surrounding food truck court on weekdays, commuters flooding out of the metro, and the sheer volume of people who stop to inspect the "Coming soon" sign.

This technique works well for residential properties: photographing the playground during peak hours, the school during lunchtime, and the waterfront boardwalk during a sherbet-colored sunset.

4. Video Tours of Properties

Supplement your pictures with a video tour to help purchasers understand the space's surroundings and movement. You can build high-end virtual tours for your listing page, or you can record personal tours. Utilize your phone to walk around the site, explaining the features you believe the buyer is most interested in.

Check this video out:

Video Tours of Properties

5. Informational Real Estate Videos

Make purchasing easier by instructing your buyers on the proper way to conduct a transaction.

For first-time home purchasers, upload "Home buying 101" videos in which you walk them through determining their affordability, obtaining several rate quotations, and resolving credit report difficulties. For commercial buyers, create a whiteboard outlining the financial benefits of an investment property and compare it to similar properties nearby.

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