Industries In Need of a Video Marketing Strategy

Not only is video content processed considerably faster by the brain than written text, but video also enables businesses to establish a more personal relationship with each prospective customer, which results in increased trust and sales.

Apart from your social media routines and personal strategies, you've probably noticed an increase in the use of video on corporate websites. Whether included in a blog post or as a homepage hero video, it's evident that video content is becoming an increasingly crucial component of marketing campaigns across all industries.

Not only is video content processed considerably faster by the brain than written text, but video also enables businesses to establish a more personal relationship with each prospective customer, which results in increased trust and sales.

Below are eight industries in need of video on their websites:

1. SaaS

While SaaS (software as a service) is not the most appealing market, it should surely utilize video. Indeed, the unlikeable aspect emphasizes the significant nature of video content in terms of developing a strong brand and emotional attachment with online customers. (Related article: SaaS Video Marketing Strategies to Boost Monthly Revenue 80%)

2. Travel & Hospitality

A video speaks ten thousand times louder than a picture. So it makes sense in an industry as visual and service-oriented as tourism to use video to promote your business.

While galleries and slideshows are beneficial, nothing completely captures the moment like video. Whether it's a beach in Mexico, a winery in the south of France, or even a hostel in the heart of America, video content helps bring your destination to life, enticing website visitors to book with you.

3. Healthcare

You know that your health is of the utmost importance, right? This is why credibility in the healthcare industry can be difficult to earn. Whether a large hospital is looking for a healthcare software company to meet a demand or a patient is seeking a doctor or specialist in their new location, these selections require a great deal of trustworthiness.

4. Education

When it comes to making large, critical decisions, education may just come second to healthcare. Because the level of education acquired can have a significant impact on one's future, choosing which kindergarten to enroll your child in or which graduate school to go to as an adult is a serious decision.

Video isn't likely to be the only factor taken into account, but it can be a great way to engage visitors to your website. (Related article: Facebook and Instagram Video Ads to Help Schools Attract & Engage Applicants)

5. Agencies

If you operate an agency, you are familiar with the repetitive sales processes required to close a deal. The long sales cycle and the constant pressure of your competitors holding the same discussions make it vital for you to stand out.

What could be more beneficial than providing potential customers with an inside peek at your business?

6. Law

Whether you're going through a rough divorce or have been the victim of a crime, when life gives you a lemon, you may find yourself looking for the appropriate lawyer to help you win your case.

While the stakes differ according to the case, lawyers are often a significant investment, so building rapport immediately is crucial. This is why video is essential for lawyer marketing. The prospect must immediately feel a sense of human connection, and there is no better way to do so than by watching a video of the lawyer and seeing success video testimonies from previous cases. (Related article: How Law Firms Should Use Marketing Videos)

7. Finance

Money is a delicate subject, and entrusting others with your hard-earned money is not easy. As mentioned previously, with credibility being so vital in the law sector, a video marketing approach has become even more crucial for those in the finance industry.

Financial marketers should invest time and resources in various video types, including "About Us" videos, explainer videos, culture/values videos, and video testimonials.

8. E-commerce

Due to remarketing ads that flood our Facebook feeds, our constantly connected culture has increased customers shopping online. As avid internet shoppers, we've found that having a video representation of a product significantly increases one's likelihood to purchase.

Why? To be honest, while seeing a static image of a pair of jeans or a piece of furniture, it's difficult to receive a complete visual and realistic sense of how the product would appear in person.

The Takeaway

While we believe that all industries should have a video marketing strategy, it is especially crucial for the eight stated above. So, take out your video camera and begin creating more website videos to increase trust and rapport with your audience. Or better yet, contact Everpost and let us do the work for you.

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