SaaS Video Marketing Strategies to Boost Monthly Revenue 80%

Content marketing began with text, progressed to images, and has explored every type of content format imaginable to individuals. Video is one of the content forms that has achieved widespread success in the world of marketing.

Content marketing began with text, progressed to images, and has explored every type of content format imaginable to individuals. Video is one of the content forms that has achieved widespread success in the world of marketing.

Data to back this up:

  • 51% of marketing professionals worldwide choose video as the type of content with the highest return on investment.
  • Almost 87% of web marketers use video content.
  • Marketers' most popular video types in 2021 are:
    • Explainer videos (72%)
    • Presentation videos (49%)
    • Testimonial videos (48%)
    • Sales videos (42%)
    • Video ads (42%)

Video Marketing Strategy for Your SaaS Business

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1. Infographics with Video

We all know what infographics are when it comes to communicating difficult information. And while infographics work for a lot of businesses, it's time to be creative. Are you curious as to why?

Marketing evolves in perfect sync with the world, which is constantly changing. People are more engaged with video clips than with any other kind of media.

Additionally, when a SaaS company or any other business begins releasing infographics, there is a chance that they may get dull, and customers will simply scroll past them. The proper course of action, in this case, is to incorporate video-like elements into your statistical and research data.

2. Respond to Frequently Asked Questions in Video Format

The public prefers videos over words. It's a psychological phenomenon, and your SaaS business must capitalize on it. Now, audiences are interested in FAQs since they are beneficial to them. Therefore, why not liven it up a bit!

Take the time to record the answers to all of the frequently asked questions and utilize them as informative video clips. Engage your audience by posting educational content on your website and other promotional channels.

This can increase user behavior on your website and allow you to quickly track how much time users are spending on your site, as users spend 88% more time on websites containing videos.

3. Make Use of a Storytelling Approach

People want to do business with people, not robots. And to persuade them, you can employ a storytelling approach.

As consumers are usually curious about what goes on behind the scenes of a brand, this strategy will almost certainly increase brand engagement. Because they will believe they now have a better understanding of you.

Storytelling can be addressed in various ways, such as by demonstrating the process of labor or the development of your SaaS product. This is the most effective way to spread the word about your SaaS company, and sooner or later, people will begin to know your brand as they see it.

4. Utilize Video to Display Customer Testimonials

Nowadays, businesses are so focused on obtaining reviews and testimonials that many take those the wrong way. Unfortunately, this has gotten to the point where users are suspicious of text reviews and testimonials, as businesses frequently create them independently.

Utilize videos to increase authenticity and trustworthiness.

Videos provide more transparency, as they can include an actual person providing real feedback, a review, or even a testimonial.

Customers are now clever enough to detect a fake review on the internet, but video testimonials are difficult to fake, right?

You can take advantage of it by asking customers to record a brief video using their mobile phone or another device. They can do this within a few minutes from their home, workplace, or probably anywhere else.

5. Distribute Product Demo Videos

Demo videos are the most effective method of demonstrating your software and informing people about how you can assist them.

Although this particular method is required for the majority of SaaS businesses, it is worth mentioning. It is critical for any SaaS product to instill a sense of familiarity with its users. Additionally, a few interactions will not suffice.

So, write a product explainer script and commit time and effort to guide users through your SaaS product. While you're doing so, keep in mind that your video must address the audience's pain points. The more your audience identifies with you; the more likely your product will be explored and purchased. For additional information, see the most effective steps for selling SaaS products.


Video marketing is hot right now, and it will be even more successful in the coming years. Why?  Because the creative opportunities with videos are limitless.

Additionally, your SaaS business will have a solid foundation, thanks to an innovative video marketing strategy. Utilize video marketing tips from this blog according to your business's budget and contact Everpost to start creating compelling video content!

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