How Law Firms Should Use Marketing Videos

While you may be thinking, "but videos are so tricky, pricey, and time-consuming to produce," the reality is that modern video marketing has made it easier and simpler to create videos without the use of complicated equipment or tools.

If you are not already using video marketing in your law firm's marketing strategy, you should. There are numerous advantages to video marketing: Because Google owns YouTube, videos have a tendency to rank highly on Google (if strategically optimized for SEO), they enable your audience to connect with you, increase engagement, and help you establish more credibility and authority in your practice area niche.

If you conduct a Google search for a product or service and see only one video, but the rest of the results are text-only, what stands out on the page? Of course, video! While you may be thinking, "but videos are so tricky, pricey, and time-consuming to produce," the reality is that modern video marketing has made it easier and simpler to create videos without the use of complicated equipment or tools.

Types of Videos to Use

1. Video Testimonials

These types of videos are an absolutely superb way to demonstrate your legal expertise. Video testimonials can make all the difference in securing the next big case in a highly competitive space. The only challenge is obtaining video testimonials from past or current clients. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is to host a client appreciation party and hire a professional videographer to capture brief one- to two-minute video testimonials from praising clients.

The alternative is to request a video testimonial. Once you've resolved your client's case successfully, request that they record a brief video testimonial on their mobile phone or bring a tripod with a video camera to your office for when they come in for a meeting.

2. Animated Videos

If you lack the time or are uncomfortable in front of the camera, animated videos may be the best choice for you. An animated video can tell a story or describe your services while also capturing your audience's attention. It may include cartoon characters representing various scenarios, such as a courthouse or a client consultation.

Whiteboard videos are a type of animated explainer video that incorporates scribing. Because the characters and scenes are sketched and brought to life, they are excellent for capturing your viewer's attention.

3. Vlogs

The advantage of creating a vlog (or video blog) is that it is easy to create and doesn’t require a professional video crew. With some basic equipment, you can create high-quality professional videos for your website blog and/or YouTube channel. You might be wondering what type of content or information your vlogs should share?

You can use your vlogs to show bits and pieces of your day or create short one-minute videos that answer some of the most frequently asked questions. You can also use them to showcase your expertise by discussing the latest developments in the legal industry.

4. Interviews

If you've ever been on the news or been mentioned in a notable publication, you understand the value of publicity. By interviewing thought leaders in your industry or letting others interview you, you can generate your own publicity. Due to the fact that interviews are unscripted, they provide an easy way to generate fresh, relevant content without having to develop a detailed script.

A good way to prepare for an interview video is to create a list of pertinent questions to ask the interviewee. Then, if you are the one being interviewed, ascertain whether the interview has a theme. In an interview, your answers should be spontaneous and unscripted.

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5. Facebook Livestreaming

Livestreaming is the newest video marketing technique. Whether you've downloaded the Periscope app or watched your friend’s live stream on your Facebook page, this is one of the most powerful yet underutilized tools available. If you've never tried live streaming on Facebook, you can now do so with the click of a button on either your personal profile or business page. Your audience can leave comments or questions in the feed while you're live streaming.

The best part is that you don't need a big budget to create video content — it's completely free. Once the video stream is complete, it will appear on your Facebook timeline within a few minutes, and you can repurpose the content for your website or other social channels.

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